from idea to final product

At the Amsterdam office of Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires, the creative team brainstorms ideas, chooses color schemes and makes sketches. If the chosen technique is crochet, these are sent to the crochet experts in China and Nepal. In case of the knitted dolls, the sketches and colour schemes are send to Thailand. The best artisans create the first sample and pattern for production. Once the final design is agreed upon, the other women start crocheting or sewing. After a few months when a ship load is complete, it is shipped to the Dutch warehouse from where the products are send all over the world.


meeting at the fairs‚Äč

In the mean time, Anne-Claire and her sales team promotes the samples for our newest collections on trade fairs in Europe, such as Maison & Objet. Here they enjoy meeting the retailers and other buyers face-to-face to talk about their business, the collection and many other things. Always making sure to mix business with pleasure!