good vibrations

We have extended our raffia home decoration collection. Perfect for picking up the holiday vibrations in your summer house or at home! Raffia is a material that comes from the raffia palm that grows in Madagaskar. It is only harvested once a year and this makes it quite special.

comfortable seating

Discover our new crochet poufs for soft and convenient seating. As a multifuncional object a pouf is essential to every interior. Our crochet poufs are handmade in Nepal from sturdy materials for great comfort. Besides its functionality it looks great as a decorative piece.

ceramics by Anne-Claire Petit


Despite Anne-Claire's love for textile she started to experiment with different kinds of materials. 

In the atelier of ceramist Normann Trapman (Uithoorn, The Netherlands) she created a range of ceramic fishes. A different material, but with the recognizable signature of Anne-Claire Petit: fresh colours and pure designs. 


book launch chimp & bunny


Chimp & bunny form an adventurious couple. Together with their friends they visit all kinds of interesting places: a train station, the film set, a shop full of goodies and many more. Join them and learn many new words!
You can even create your own beautiful world with the reusable stickers found inside. 

The book is available in English and Dutch. The English version is available in our webshop. 
For the Dutch version please contact Publisher Rubinstein

Dutch version: ISBN 9789047623700
English version: ISBN 9789047623786